The 5 Best Hikes for Beginners on Hawaiʻi Island

20 May 2020

Soak in the beauty of the Big Isle from these trails, voted the best for novices in our 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards.

HAWAI'I Magazine

Q&A: How Illustrator Deborah Lee Turns Her Sadness Into Artistry And Joy

24 May 2019

Deborah Lee is a San Francisco Bay-based illustrator who toils in the tech world by day and works on her webcomics and debut graphic novel, “In Limbo,” by night. 

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Video Blogging

Find A Spark Of Creative Inspiration This Summer With These 5 API YouTubers

08 May 2019

Summer is almost here! Fill your downtime by supporting with amazing API YouTubers like PearFleur, FancyNancyTV, SleightlyMusical, Preetaxyz and VietglishFun . . .

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Live Concert

BLACKPINK Is The Revolution—In Your Area And Worldwide

27 February 2017

BLACKPINK isn’t just in your area, they’re taking over the world, one stage at a time . . .

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Ramen Bowl

Celebrate National Ramen Noodle Day With 6 Bowls of Slurpable Soup

04 April 2019

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to eat ramen, this is it. For National Ramen Noodle Day, here’s a list of the five most delicious bowls of steamy broth and noodles to chow down on in L.A. . . .

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Jockabeth Ponce ’19: 3-2 Engineering Major Builds Experience by Exploring Many Paths

07 Sept 2017

Jockabeth Ponce ’19 has always loved solving problems, and as a 3-2 engineering major, she plans on using her grounding in both science and the humanities to do just that . . .

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Man with Basket

Claire Sands Baker ’93:Improving Subsistence Farming in Kenya, One Toothpick at a Time

21 April 2017

To mitigate Africa’s greatest threat to food security, Striga hermonthica, an invasive plant commonly known as witchweed, Claire Sands Baker ’93 is starting at the root of the problem . . .

Scripps College Website

Top 10 Essentials for a Plastic- Free Kitchen

2 September 2019

It's time to ditch plastic and go green! Here are the top ten essential items you need in your plastic-free kitchen.

The Low Waste Home

API Women Get Empowered At IDENTITY LA 2019

15 May 2019

IDENTITY LA, held on Saturday, May 11, is an annual celebration of APAHM. This year’s festivities brought together TOKiMONSTA, MILCK and Sophia Black  to celebrate API women. 

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Newspaper Comic

Jump Into The World Of Webcomics With These 7 API Artists

01 May 2019

The world of webcomics is vast, so start with these: our top seven webcomics by AAPI artists 

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Six Things To Know Before Stepping Into The Salon With Asian Hair

23 April 2019

Dreaming of macaron-colored locks? Turn your dream into a reality, starting with these six tips to know before going to the salon with Asian tresses.

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Open Notebook

It's Not Too Late to Get In Touch with Your Inner Child with These 9 AAPI-Authored Children’s Books

28 March 2019

For Children’s Picture Book Day, curl up with a good book by one of these Asian American authors.

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Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Nia-Renee Cooper ’18: This Neuroscience Major Is Remaking Recess

01 Sept 2017

This summer, Nia-Renee Cooper ’18 interned at the UCLA Lab School, an innovative school for children ages 4–12 . . .

Scripps College Website

Light Bulb

The 5C Experience: The 5C Black Arts Festival

27 February 2017

On February 17, Watu Weusi, a Scripps club dedicated to empowering students of African descent, presented the art exhibition Hidden No More: Artist Showcase at the Motley Coffeehouse 

Scripps College Website

6 Zines That Will Make You Proud To Be Asian American

28 May 2019

It might be easy to dismiss zines as kitschy, but flipping through one is like reading a book and walking into an art exhibit at the same time.

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7 API Super Moms From Film and Television That Have A Place In Our Hearts

12 May 2019

With mamas from the groundbreaking “Joy Luck Club” to the hilarious new series “PEN15,” here’s our rundown of awesome API mamas in film and television.

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Bad Hair Day? How to Embrace Your Asian Hair In All Its Glory

30 April 2019

How did long, black, silky tresses become the standard for "Asian" hair? Take it from these eight API individuals, Asian hair is as diverse as we are.

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Open Book

Review: Young-Ha Kim Is A Master Of Surprise In ‘Diary Of A Murderer’

17 April 2019

Author Young-Ha Kim’s latest work, “Diary of a Murderer” confirms our greatest fear: We are our own worst enemy.

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Traditional Japanese Wedding Cloth

ON BELONGING: Studying Abroad as an Asian American

06 Sept 2018

The questions begin when people learn that my last name is “Smith,” and from there, the confusion only grows . . .

CET Academic Programs

Dance Floor

The 5C Experience: The Claremont Tamasha CLORG

24 April 2017

A crowd of more than 400 from The Claremont Colleges (5C) community turned out for an evening of South Asian dance, music, and cultural appreciation at Sanskriti 2017 . . .

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